IMG_0455Love this sweet baby. She’s 3 months old and weighs 3 lbs.   She and sister Abbey are beginning to connect.  We just need to get her to stop biting.  Her little teeth are very sharp!





Winter Came Back

Winter has come back with a vengeance!  It’s 6 degrees out. A nor’easter is forecast for next week.  We have been house bound for a week and are looking forward to some fresh air today. Penny is growing each day. Potty training is coming along. Don’t be fooled though. Just when we relax and think “wow, she’s so smart” BAM!!, she looks at you with those big brown eyes and delicately squats. We have her on a timer today. Twenty minutes out in the room and twenty minutes in her kennel. Let’s see if we can outsmart her.  She also has been finding that one carpet thread that is higher than the others and pulls. In spite of the trials and tribulations a new puppy brings, she is a sweet little pie and we love her much. IMG_0387Penny likes to place her toys on things.  Here she flipped over her puppy bed to put her toys on it.  I think she’s brillant!!



Yes, Mom

img_0367I’ll stay off Abbey’s stairs! When I am ready that is….Mom, I’m bored!  There’s nothing to play with!

Airstream Dreaming

March is the longest month of the year.  No longer deep winter, and not yet spring, March brings cold air and a warming sun at the same time.  It’s confusing to the mind.

To make myself feel better, I day dream about redecorating  the Airstream with a bright new color, cobalt blue for the bedroom. I picked up a nice quilt and sham set post-holidays for a pittance.  I have cobalt blue Crate and Barrel toss pillows I’ve been saving for years to complete the look. The Airstream is the Serenity edition so it provides a neutral light and airy canvas making color changes easy.  Of course the red and white enamel Falconware dishes need to stay and my Dollar Store organizers will stay in the color scheme but red and blue go well together.  Right?  The fur pillows I put in for fall to cozy up the A/S must go.  There’s a few more things I can do. Will keep daydreaming!

Last fall’s look:

The wind is howling

img_5447  Days like this I get concerned about trees falling on my house or on Serenity Now.  Fifty mile gusts and dense, old trees are not a great combination.

Door gates have been installed to keep you know who contained.  Penny actually squeezed her head through the bars so now we need a temp solution to get us by a couple of weeks of growth.  I had no idea the she would be such a force in our lives. Good thing she is so darn cute!

Good Morning March

The first day of spring is March 20.  I imagine there is a mighty storm waiting to hit us hard one more time so I am not ready to break out the flip flops quite yet.


We have been spending time planning our spring adventure in our silver lady.  Florida, New Orleans, Nashville and Dollywood are some of our planned bucket list stops.

I am excited to decorate Serenity Now for this trip.  I am going with a cobalt blue this season.  Blues will cool the trailer in the hot southern sun!  We also have to figure out sleeping arrangements for Penny Lane



Did you get the number of that bus?

img_0326Who knew a 2 1/2 lb puppy would have such a presence in our home.  The stairs to the second floor are now blocked off when we are having morning coffee.  Abbey’s dog stairs have been moved. The floor is strewn with doggie toys as Penny Lane pulls out every chewy and squeaky toy she owns!   Ted is on pee patrol every 20 minutes when Penny is out of her x pen.  She is doing pretty well in this department but we have to remember to kennel her periodically so she will go in the right place.  Penny is a climber.  She climbed up the walls of her kennel and up onto the roof.  Ted made some adjustments on the  x pen with some ties.  I wonder what we’ll wake up tomorrow morning!  She’s a canine tornado!

This is where the magic happens

My Craft Studio is visually inspiring.  Ted painted the walls a Tiffany Blue.  I love the pink and white accents. ❤


I love pink









Visit My Craft Studio from the menu to see more of my Studio and see some of my work.

New Puppy Blues


She’s just a bit of a thing but she has changed our quiet lives. Just like a newborn, we have the paraphernalia required to sustain this new young life. Crates, an x-pen, tons of toys, puppy pads and beds are all over the house!  She’s hell on wheels and terrorizes Abbey Road as she stands on her hind legs and postures like a grizzly bear. She has sharp baby teeth and claws and Abbey is no match.  A couple of times a day, Abbey will play tag with her and they run around the house like kids.  It’s lots of fun!


Welcome to my blog.  My objective is to share some of my favorite things.  I’ll share my thoughts and photos including my craft designs, our beautiful Yorkshire Terriers Abbey Road and her new baby sister Penny Lane (yes, Beatles fan here, child of the 60’s) and our silver lady 2014 Airstream, Serenity Now.  cropped-img_0007.jpg